At Credability Systems, we walk the talk!

Credability Systems has grown out of several collaborative journeys combining industry knowledge with technical expertise.

Starting at our core as an experienced full-service Digital Agency, we have brought to life solutions designed to improve the lives of those in need and help build a brighter future for everyone!

The Credability Systems Group now includes several stand-alone platforms built, owned and operated by the Group.
Our solutions not only showcase our digital expertise but are helping to improve the lives of many living with disabilities and those caring for them!

Our vision for the NDIS

Now a fully licensed FinTech operator, Credability Systems strives to continually enhance our service offerings within the NDIS, aligned around our vision for a better experience for all NDIS community members. This expanded focus helps plan managers, participants and their carers, as well as service providers and supports coordinators by improving every interaction with the NDIA.

Our solutions make your NDIS experience better!


Credability Systems, Credible Solutions

Our NDIS solutions are designed to take the complexity out of Plan Management and give Plan Managers back time to support their participants

Our Outbreak Response Configuration Application (ORCA) helps teams monitor, advise and act on viral outbreaks in schools, childcare centres, universities and other community groups

At our core we’re a Digital Agency building solutions for a better future.
We deliver exceptional software solutions to some of the biggest sectors in Australia, private and government.

NDIS for Plan Managers

Giving Plan Managers back time to care.

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  • Real-time instantaneous data processing from NDIS (using API) ​

  • Built-in CRM functionality

  • Built-in error & fraud detection

  • Extensive Reporting​

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  • Smart data scanning

  • AI for continuous improvement

  • Enhanced error and fraud detection​