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Angela Vithoulkas

Non-Executive Director of Credability Systems

Attention Plan Managers!

“I joined the board of Credability Systems because all of our customers are small business owners and I have ALWAYS – throughout my political and business career – made it my mission to advocate and stand up for small business owners.

Just as the NDIS Review has declared war on Plan Managers, Credability Systems’ board has stepped up to form Plan Managers Advocacy Group (PMAG) and asked me to lead it. I want to guide you in your fight to make sure your voice is heard. Time is of the essence!

Register to join us, and together we can start the challenge of making Canberra listen as we demonstrate just how important your role is for Participants’ choice and control.”

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We have submitted the results to Parliament House and it is soon to be to reviewed.
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This petition has now closed. (17th April).

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What is the NDIS Review?

Credability Systems

In October 2022, the Minister for the NDIS announced a review of the Scheme to be conducted by an Independent Review Panel. The scope of the NDIS Review included the design, operations, and sustainability of the NDIS as well as ways to build a more responsive, supportive, and sustainable market and workforce.

The Independent Review Panel released the final report in November 2023. It consisted of 26 recommendations across all aspects of the NDIS, from scheme design and participation, through to service provider markets and governance.

Of particular concern for Plan Managers should be:

  • Recommendation 4: The consolidation of multiple intermediary roles potentially incorporated into ‘system navigators’
  • Recommendation 10: A transition to fully electronic real-time claims and payments, with the support to monitor and manage funding transitioned to these Navigators, effective removing the role of Plan Management.

These NDIS Review recommendations have serious repercussions, not only for you as plan managers, but for the 400,000 participants who choose to be plan-managed.

Now is the time for action. We need to remind government and key stakeholders of the important role that plan managers deliver for both participants and for taxpayers funds.

Meet Angela Vithoulkas

Credability Systems

Angela is a multi-award-winning business owner who has forged a successful career in public, business, and corporate life. Her business experience spans more than 3 decades, with numerous awards including City of Sydney Business of The Year and 2007 Telstra NSW Women’s Business Owner Award.

Over the course of more than 30 years in business, Angela has seen the difficulties faced by small-business owners and realized they needed a champion to advocate for them. This prompted her to enter public life and so began her political career as a twice elected City of Sydney Councillor, representing small business owners at a local and state political level. Angela recently led a successful class action lawsuit with thousands of small businesses to seek compensation for disruption caused by the drawn-out construction of the state government’s Sydney light rail line.

Since joining the board at Credability Systems, Angela has had the privilege of witnessing the tireless efforts of Plan Managers in their commitment to support their Participants. Her primary concern lies in protecting their crucial role within the NDIS, and she will utilise every resource available to achieve this goal.

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Angela Vithoulkas, at the National NDIS Conference, Canberra.