Plan Management Software built for NDIS


Our aim for Planability is very simple – one solution for all your plan management requirements. Credability Systems is dedicated to delivering a purpose-built NDIS platform that reduces complexity for Plan Managers, with an aim to improve efficiency and reduce time spent administering plans.​

Direct API integration into PRODA and PACE

Planability leverages “Real-Time” claims processing – over 20 API’s that integrate directly into PRODA and PACE – to provide instant claims responses.
No need to log into portals, or upload CSV files. Simply and easily manage multiple participants, monitor plan budgets, view claims and invoices and produce live reports from a single dashboard.

While Planability has been designed for plan managers, the benefits also extend to service providers, support coordinators and to participants and their carers. Additional solutions – Payability and Capability – are available exclusively to Planability users, offering the first ‘same-day’ payment solution for NDIS service providers, and increasing choice and control of essential goods and services for participants.

Planability has been built for plan managers, with a clear philosophy:
“To make plan management as simple as it should be!”


we love it when a plan comes together

Why Plan Managers love Planability:

Simple to Use

Simple to Use

Planability is designed with a logical and simplified approach to plan administration. Our interface is easy to embed into your company’s operations with minimal training and development for new team members.

Time-Saving Bulk Scanning

Reduce human errors and improved efficiencies through automation of key processes. Planability also gives you the option to further streamline processes by adding smart scanning of invoices.

“Real-time” Claims Processing

Leveraging over twenty API connections linking directly into PRODA and PACE, giving you an immediate claims response, 100% visibility and reducing the need to access PRODA or My Place Portal.

Reduced Human Error

​We use safety guardrails to help minimise risk and error from invoicing to payments. Planability does the background checks for you, checking business ABN, pricing and line items against NDIS price guides, ensuring funds are available, and quarantining funds associated with service agreements.

Comprehensive Reporting

Giving you the ability to easily track client budgets, produce summary reports, automated monthly participants statements, check scanning usage, and much more. Our invoices remain intact in the system with the PRN reference number, so you can access and respond to detailed audit requests quickly and efficiently.

Integrate into the Credability Ecosystem

Planability is the heart of the Credability Ecosystem, leveraging “real-time” claims processing to streamline invoice ingestion and service provider payments, and increase choice and service to participants. Our products work together to provide a better experience for all stakeholders in the NDIS Community, and it all starts with Plan Managers.

Planability gives you the tools you need to streamline your daily tasks:


  • Simple process for plan setup, budgeting and invoices
  • Automatically generate supplier remittances
  • Easy ABA payments exports
  • Cloud-based software system provides access anywhere, anytime
  • Multiple user permissions levels
  • Automated claiming of monthly Plan Management fees
  • Future-proof “PACE-ready” API’s that simplify the NDIS system transition
  • Security and compliance provides NDIS aggregator status
  • Participant and carer portal access to approve invoices and track budgets

Looking to grow your Plan Management Business?
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A Plan-Managed Software Ecosystem


Improving Experiences for the NDIS Community

Our Payability and Capability platforms are only available through Planability and provide value to Service Providers, Support Coordinators, Participants and Carers that, in turn, improves client satisfaction, retention and growth.

Learn more about each of our solutions below.



Claims processing






Improving Choice
for participants

Add Smart Scanning to your business


Planability’s automated invoice scanning solution

Our automated invoice scanning solution digitises invoice data input into Planability. Simply load the invoice into the engine and have the resulting scan and invoice loaded into Planability for review and processing . Smart scanning checks the scanned data against safeguards, giving you the simplicity of verifying and submitting.

Talk to us today about adding Scanability to your business.