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An optional extension for Planability- fully integrated

Scanability is our new automated invoice scanning solution- digitising invoice data input into Planability. Simply load the invoice into the Scanability engine and have the resulting scan and invoice loaded into Planability for review and processing ​

Smart scanning defined ​

Smart scanning as a concept is often mis-understood. Smart scanning uses Artificial Intelligence to make sense of the scanned data and add value to the specified process.

Leveraging AI for continuous improvement

Smart Scanning also learns over time. If an error occurs in the initial scan of a new invoice, any corrections made to the data output by the operator are ingested back into the scanning engine, meaning the engine continuously learns from operator feedback. The result should be that less operator intervention is required over time as “Straight-Through” processing levels improve. Straight-through processing success is the key to achieving value from smart scanning as a higher success rate means less operator involvement in the process and consequently less human intervention in the process.


Save more time by “smart scanning” invoices​

How Scanability works with Planability

Scanability has been designed from the ground up- to enhance the productivity of Planability users. When an invoice is ingested into the Scanability engine, the initial scan needs to pick up specific information from the invoice- such as Service Provider information, product lines details and totals, dates, dollar and unit figures cleanly. In most scanning solutions, this data is simply dropped into the data entry locations in the associated software, but not in Scanability… this is when the magic truly happens!​

​Scanability truly understands NDIS data processing requirements and supports data input requirements. For example, Scanability recognizes if required data is missing (like a Product line item) and uses intelligence to try to recommend the best -it line item associated to the description- and then learns from your feedback for future invoices. Scanability also accrues all identical line items into a single date-ranged line item, so you don’t have to! We have heard of operators taking up to 45 minutes to input a single, complex invoice, so this automated process is invaluable as a time saver!​

​Checking the data collected is simple too- the scanned invoice is presented in the Planability window so the operator can review the details side-by-side with the actual invoice- ensuring speed and accuracy of invoice captures. The system also highlights to the operator gaps or errors in the data capture for quick clarification and correction.​

Enhanced error and fraud detection​

Scanability further enhances Planability’s error and fraud detection capabilities. For example, if a weekend or holiday charge is presented in the invoice, Scanability ensures that the date of the service matches the charge.

​“Plan Manage Assist (PMA) previously used an inhouse system to push batches of claims into PRODA, which was cumbersome and time-consuming. After seeing the potential benefits of real-time claims, in July 2021 PMA took a leap of faith and became an early adopter of Planability.

From the outset it was clear that this was the right decision for PMA…
Planability has significantly reduced NDIS data processing time for our plan managers, allowing us to grow the participant ”​

John Collins – Managing Director – Plan Manage Assist​